there’s no Mr. reindl…

Across the street from our doorstep stands the traffic construction Schottentor, which inspired the name of the café. Mayor Franz Jonas built it in 1961 and the word “Reindl” is Viennese for an oval cooking pan. Since this tram station resembles a Reindl’s shape, the locals dubbed it “Jonas Reindl“, commemorating the man who had built it. However, over the years the colloquial term for this tram stop has faded slightly from our culture.

Our interior is junk and that’s a good thing!

After all, our vintage chairs and stools are up to a hundred years old. Owner Philip Feyer and his father have been collecting ROWAC (Robert Wagner Chemnitz) furniture for years. Especially the chairs are truly hard to come across and surprisingly comfortable.
The wood for our tables is recycled teak from Indonesia, where carpenters use materials from old houses to shape them into furniture.

Our specialty is coffee

We want to convey our passion for specialty coffee to as many people as possible by offering an extraordinary coffee experience. It is important to us to communicate, that by the time the coffee ends up in the cup of our guests, many partners have contributed. For instance farmers, who share our passion for quality.

That is why owner Philip Feyer has traveled to Nicaragua, to see for himself what the conditions there are like. An example of a partner, who made such an adventure possible, is the Austrian Ulrich Salamun. He has been living in Nicaragua for many years and is the founder of the company Biosfair Agroexport. He has devoted himself to gradually transforming the existing agriculture into sustainable farming of specialty coffee. This way the resources of the natural reserve Cerro Kilambé are spared and the cloud forest and it’s biosphere in which the coffee grows, remains untouched. Therefore we are very proud to be able to offer this coffee.
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Our Passion for Food

All food we serve, from sandwiches, to Oatmeals and cake, has had a great deal of thought put into it. The organic, wood oven bakery Gragger & Cie freshly bakes our bread and pastries each day. We generally make sure to use the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on!
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We love a good Brew

Sometimes we mean coffee, other times beer. Which is why we have a selection of lagers, ales, barley wines and more, devotedly brewed by various Micro Breweries from across the Globe as well as from Austria.
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