Nomad Coffee

(Barcelona, Spain)

“We search for new ways to share our passion for coffee on a global scale.
To achieve this we offer courses and cuppings for coffee lovers and professionals. For those professionals who want to start a business related to coffee we offer consulting and trainings as well. We’ll also travel wherever we’re needed with our Coffee Truck or our coffee stand, whether it’s for an event or catering. We never stop.”


Roaster Archive

+ Doubleshot (Doubleshot)

A coffee roastery, three coffee shops, a training centre, a pastry shop but first and foremost, a team of people who love the world of specialty coffee. We have been living coffee since 2009, selecting it from farmers around the world, roasting it at a location close to Prague and selling it to everyone who appreciates its freshness and flavour diversity.


+ Good Life Coffee (Helsinki, Finnland)

“Our idea of good coffee is simple: carefully selected high­grade beans combined with precise procedures and a no­bullshit take on roasting and brewing. Instead of a well­trimmed romantic re­enactment of the artesian 19th century, our coffee is bang on the now. Honest and uncompromising.”


+ Gardelli Specialty Coffees (Forli, Italy)

“We are in the coffee business out of pure passion and dedication.
It is our intention to bring to your palate the best expression of aromas and tastes from the coffee lots we select, to honour the coffee farmers’ hard work.
We promote full transparency and traceability of each single lot and work hard to constantly improve ourselves to be a source of inspiration and innovation for the entire industry. Coffee is truly our passion, it is our life indeed!”


+ Workshop Coffee (London, England)

Clean, sweet and fresh’ is the guiding principle behind every batch of every coffee we produce. Initially, this means sourcing coffee from growers who pay close attention to all stages of harvest and processing, but at our end we feel the responsibility lies with us to ensure that our roasting is always…

Careful. We want to showcase the intrinsic quality of each of the coffees we serve, meaning that we don’t want to taste the influence of the roasting process itself. We’re looking for our roasting to be transparent; merely a process by which we unlock the coffee’s potential.

Consistent. We don’t think that getting it right every now and then is good enough. We employ a combination of roasting intelligence software, strict quality control and a healthy dose of honesty to ensure every bag of coffee you receive is up to standard.

Considered. In order to ensure that our guides are in the right places, and that the coffee is still as fresh as the day we started serving it, a rigorous self-critical quality control programme is essential. Even when our coffee passes all in-roasting quality checks, we still evaluate every single batch by taste, on three separate occasions. Just to make sure.


+ Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway)

“All our coffees are carefully sourced from our favorite origins based on a philosophy where quality, traceability, innovation and social responsibility is the main focus. We work closely with all the producers we buy from and over the years we have established close relations with most of them. Countless hours are spent developing the coffees we sell both at farm level and in our roastery and QC-lab.


We only sell a small range of coffees and our offerings are constantly changing. This is because we only buy small lots of coffee from the different producers we work with and we try to make sure the coffees are as fresh and tasty as possible.  Rather than blending coffees together into a homogenous product we try to showcase the vast difference of flavours that the world of coffee has to offer.


Our goal is to create a product that is as transparent as possible so that you can experience the taste of the terroir and the cultivar of each and every coffee lot that we sell.”

Wendelboe Logo

+ Fjord Coffee Roasters (Berlin, Germany)

“Fjord Coffee is a joint coffee roasting project by the Berlin based cafes, Silo Coffee & Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers. We aim to source coffees that have exceptional qualities, usually gained through education and infrastructure at the origin of the coffee and also coffees that contribute to an economically sustainable relationship between coffee farmers at origin and coffee drinkers.


We know what it takes to run a specialty coffee shop and in turn strive to lead with a customer orientated product and service. It is really important to us at Fjord that the customers of our customers are delighted with the coffee they drink and we will work closely with coffee shops to help achieve that goal.


We are looking to develop relationships with cafes and coffee shops across Europe who have a desire to create a top quality cafe experience, with particular emphasis on coffee quality and standards to ensure customers are presented the coffee they have been looking forward to.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.

Fjord logo

+ White Label Coffee (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“white label stands for openness: we love to share everything we know.

white label

+ Dark Arts Coffee (Hackney, London, England)

“Roasting coffee in a railway arch in Hackney since 2014 we pride ourselves in quality and affordability for our customers.
We source beautiful beans from around the globe and through
a truly artisan process bring them to life for our customers.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Bonanza Coffee Heroes (Berlin, Germany)

The key to great coffee is passionate people.

From the moment coffee is planted, till it’s served, our coffee has gone through the hands of countless individuals that are all remarkable within their field. Farmers, planting varietals sacrificing yield over cup quality, coffee pickers only picking red ripe cherries during harvest, importers storing coffee in climate controlled warehouses. These critical efforts result in coffees that are a sum of choices made with a single goal in mind, what does the final product taste like in your cup.

We are at the end of this cycle, our job is to roast the coffee, we do this with the best of old techniques combined with the best of new techniques, continually looking for the best production methods, this search and combination is also referred to as “Retro Innovation”.

Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters (Helsingborg, Sweden)

“Koppi was founded in 2007 by the Swedish barista champions Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand. The roastery and coffee bar, situated in the heart of Helsingborg, offer coffee experiences out of the ordinary.
Our ambition is to be one of the best roasters in the world and our aim is always to buy, roast, brew and serve coffee from the worlds best coffee producers.


We strive to buy the world’s finest coffee through as few intermediaries as possible and co-operate with small and passionate producers, who care for their crops, their co-workers and the environment. Through our yearly visits to the farms, we strengthen our relationships to the producers and are given the opportunity to pick the best lots from every new harvest.
Buying our coffee directly from the producer or through as few distributors as possible not only gives us the possibility to ensure that the producers are paid well and the working conditions are fair and just, but it also gives us a deeper knowledge of the production line and the coffee as a product.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Square Mile Coffee Roasters (London, England)

“Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning coffee roasting company based in East London. It was founded by two people with a collective 19 years of experience in the coffee industry, spanning from barista work, machinery support and coffee training to import, cupping and roasting and has grown to be a team of 16 talented coffee professionals, with a wealth of experience and passion for what we do.


We are currently focused on wholesaling our coffee and to supply and support businesses that wish to serve the best coffee they can. We want to make London famous for good coffee. We source, buy, import, roast and deliver the best coffee we can get a hold of, and we never stop asking ourselves how we can make it even better. We’re working to build a London coffee culture and do our best to contribute to the global scene.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Coffee Collective is among the most renowned specialty coffee roasters in Europe. Ever since they where founded in 2007 they have been raising the standards, especially for coffee farmers across the world.


“As coffee is grown far from Denmark, it is important for us to work with transparency. With our Direct Trade model, we lay out a distinct set of criteria for our trading with the producers. Direct Trade is based on the notion that the better the quality we get, the better price we are able to pay, and the better quality we will have again the following year and so forth.


Ultimately, our dream is for a coffee farmer in Kenya to obtain the same status and living conditions as a wine grower in France.”


Jonas Reindl Coffee is delighted that our newest barista Sebastian Reichmann spent the last year working for Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. We are very excited to learn from his first hand experience with the roasters and importers of this top notch coffee.


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Casino Mocca (Budapest, Hungary)

We got to know Casino Mocca at the Coffee Fest in Vienna and where amazed by the beverages they served us.  For instance we tasted an espresso from Colombia that was delicately sweet, very well balanced had a creamy mouthfeel.  Since then we are convinced of Hungary’s leading micro roaster’s style of roasting and bean sourcing and we want to try and extract their coffee for guests as well as they did for us.


“The high quality of our micro-lots is guaranteed as the imported beans are roasted in a computer-controlled system. To craft roasters like us, speciality coffee represents carefully roasting each batch and creating the particular roasting profile for each of our coffees. We invest a lot of time and effort in sourcing and selecting exemplary coffees.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.

casino mocca

+ Five Elephant Coffee (Berlin, Germany)

“Transparency is at the core of our values and we think there should be a clear understanding of the journey that coffee takes from the farm to your cup. Through this openness we hope to create sustainable partnerships with farms from year to year.”


“We don’t just visit our partners at origin, but work to understand their processes, from cultivation to preparation. We are committed to innovation and will never stop working to improve the coffee that we source and roast, including our relationship with the farmers who grow the coffee.”


“Our belief is that by opening up this coffee conversation, we can share some great coffee in a way we can be proud of.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.

logo 5 elephant

+ La Cabra Coffee Roasters (Aarhus, Denmark)

“We feel fortunate to live in a time where the coffee cherry, like never before, is being praised for it’s unique, innate qualities and complexities. By sourcing and roasting some of the finest and cleanest coffees available to us, we are contributing to the highest quality of craftsmanship in the specialty coffee market.”

We at Jonas Reindl made up our minds that we wanted La Cabra as our next Guest Roaster when their Barista Sonja Zweidick won the Austrian Brewer’s cup 2015 with their Geisha from Colombia. On top of that, the same beans took home the Australian Brewer’s cup and most recently the Czech Brewer’s cup. It is clear that La Cabra is a Micro Roaster devoted to producing coffee on the highest level and they have succeeded in doing so. We love working with partners who share our passion and we too are:

“Forever curious and always uncompromising in our quest for delicious coffees.”


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.

la cabra

+ Machhörndl kaffee (Nürnberg, Germany)

In 2005 Armin Machhörndl and Thomas Schweiger (German Barista-Champion 2010 & 2012) founded their now legendary Barista Shop Green & Bean in Ansbach, Germany. A few years later in 2008 Armin Machhörndl founded his Roastery and travelled to several Costa Rican coffee farms to engage in direct trade for the first time. In 2009 trips to Honduras and El Salvador followed. Since then Machhörndl Kaffee has increased their number of partners across the globe. Adding some of the most renowned specialty coffee farms in the world, including the infamous La Hacienda Esmeralda in Panama.
Jonas Reindl has brought Machhörndl single origin Espresso from Ethiopia, Brazil, Rwanda and India as well as a very tasty blend of three South Americans to Vienna. But our favourite has to be the only filter coffee we imported from Machhörndl, the rare La Esmeralda Geisha.


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.


+ Drop Coffee (Stockholm, Sweden)

One of Sweden’s leading micro-roasteries focusing on taste, quality and sustainability.

“We believe in furthering a sustainable coffee trade by paying a higher price for a higher quality product and in roasting every coffee in a way that enhances its origin and unique character.”

Jonas Reindl is proud to have brought four different varieties from Colombia, Costa Rica and Rwanda, carefully roasted to perfection by Drop Coffee to Vienna. The results were some juicy espressi and some highly quaffable filter coffees.


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.

drop coffee

+ Third Floor Espresso (Dublin, Ireland)

What started as a training room in a Third Floor apartment has become a Dublin City hub for passionate baristas to showcase the coffees that inspire them most. The founder of 3FE, Colin Harmon, is a great ambassador for the ideals of specialty coffee and on top of running his shops he has won the Irish Barista Championships on three occasions and finished 4th and 3rd in the World Barista Championships.

„it’s a little bit ridiculous how seriously we take your coffee but we promise it’s lots of fun, too!“

– colin harmon –


Keywords: Specialty Coffee, Third Wave Coffee, Micro Roaster Vienna, Austria.