Al Chirripó

Costa Rica

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Wildflower honey, candied raspberries, orange wine and juicy.

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Costa Rica


Brunca, Chirripó


Régulo Ureña & Isabel Rojas


Caturra, Catuai


1.750 masl


Anaerobic natural

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Al Chirripó

Al Chirripó is a family-owned micro mill founded by Régulo Ureña and Isabel Rojas in 2005. It is located in the southern part of Costa Rica in the Brunca district, in a region called Chirripó. It is located between two mountains Cerro de la Muerte (3491 masl) and Cerro Chirripó (3820m masl). The high altitude and rich soils contribute to the production of excellent and complex specialty coffee. The quality of the coffee has been recognized in Cup of Excellence competition, achieving number 5 in COE 2019.

The farm is managed with a sustainable system in mind. The producers focus on reducing their carbon foot print and their environmental impact as a whole. One way to do that is through proper shade management with organic materials. This helps to keep the soil and coffee trees fresh full of the nutrients that are needed. This fertilization is based on annual soil analysis. Other ways in which the terroir is protected are through the use of a herbicide in specific plots with strong grasses or by protecting all the water sources the local fruit trees that feed the wildlife.

The coffee is picked when the cherries are ripest, pulped in a process completely dry (no water is used to transport or pulp the coffee) in order to keep mucilage full and clean. It is then anaerobically fermented, this is a coffee processing method where coffee is fermented in pressurized sealed tanks deprived of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces distinct acids, lactic acids for example, that create a different and distinct flavor profile for the coffee.

Anaerobic fermentation is relatively new. Its evil twin, aerobic fermentation, however wherein oxygen IS included has long been a common process. Fermentation will begin as soon as a coffee is picked due to the presence of water, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. The sugars and acids in the coffee’s mucilage are then converted into different acids, CO2, ethyl alcohol, and other compounds. The beans will ferment somewhat differently depending on whether they are washed, naturals, or honeys, therefore leading to a variety of flavors.

Where anaerobic and aerobic processes differ, is that anaerobic (without oxygen) produces a final product with a striking flavor because it produces acids, like lactic acids. The process begins by placing the cherries in sealed tanks which are pressurized from CO2 buildup. The oxygen is let out with release valves. The intense pressure forces the juices and sugars into the bean (at least we think so). There are anaerobic naturals, honeys and washed processed coffees. The fermentation may take place in cherry or de-pulped in the mucilage. Then the coffee is dried in cherry (natural), in mucilage (honey), or washed.

Our coffee is treated with care

Meticulous Quality

We hope to provide our customers with the best and therefore pay close attention to all factors affecting the quality of our coffee. These include cultivar, growing altitude, climate, soil chemistry, harvesting and processing conditions, drying method, storage conditions, transportation, roasting conditions, grind size, brewing water and brewing recipes.

Highly Curated

Each one of our coffees is carefully selected by our roasting team. Before we buy in bulk, we go through many samples from different specialty coffee estates. Often times we are working with the most renowned coffee producers in the world.

Small Batch Roasting

All our coffee is roasted in our Roastery in Westbahnstraße 13, in Vienna. We roast small batches (10kg max) because we have better control over all the parameters that impact the flavour profile and can therefore better guarantee consistency.

Ethically Sourced

We ensure traceability for all our coffees. Our house Espresso from Nicaragua is directly traded without any middle-men and when we go through a wholesaler, complete transparency is a must. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know where their coffee comes from down to the name of each farmer.

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