Dimtu Village

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Taste Profile
Tangerines, vanilla and dried stone fruits.


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Taste Profile

Tangerines, vanilla and dried stone fruits.


REGION...............Oromio Guji
FARMER.................Aklilu Kassa
VARIETY ...............Mixed Heirloom
ALTITUDE..............2.150 masl

About the Farm

Producer Biniyam Aklilu is not new to coffee. You might have seen his name as the commercial manager of Nardos Coffee, the exporting company of his father, Mr Aklilu Kassa. The whole family has a long tradition in coffee that started in the 1960s and today they own wet mills, dry mills and a large estate called Beka. Despite Nardos’ success, Biniyam decided to stand on his own two feet in 2018. That is when he founded Gujoo Trading. “I am married and have a child now. I wanted to focus on my own business so I could grow more”, he says.

Dimtu Coffee Washing Station is located In the Oromia region in the Western Guji district, located at 2150m above sea level, it’s the highest out of the two regions. The heirloom coffee trees are between 10 to 15 years old and the coffee beans are a lot smaller than Shakiso due to the high altitude and the weather conditions. The drying process of the beans takes between 22 to 25 days due to the colder weather.

Pushing the borders of high-quality coffee

Symbol of a new generation of coffee producers and exporters in Ethiopia, Biniyam is preparing his own farms to start producing coffee. His first plantation is a 200 hectares farm in the Churchura kebele, Isara woreda, Dawro Zone, in the South West Ethiopia Peoples’ region. The land is currently being cleared to make room for coffee trees, including Gesha and other high-quality varieties.