Sambewe AA


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Taste Profile
Mild dark chocolate, toffee and dried fruit flavors with mellow acidity.

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Mbozi District


Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Kilimanjaro, Luwiro


1.600 masl



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Sambewe AA

With its relatively close proximity to Ethiopia, and its shared border with Kenya, some of Tanzania’s population has had a long history and culture relationship with coffee, namely the Haya people, for whom the plant was not used so much as a beverage as a chewed fruit. Coffee (probably Robusta) was grown for this domestic purpose until German colonists essentially mandated that farmers grow Arabica coffee as a cash crop, spreading the plants’ reach within the country and developing the industry around Mount Kilimanjaro.

Sambewe AMCOS represents around 442 smallholder farmers, all of whom live in or around the villages of Sambewe, Itumpi, Nansama, Iyenga, and Ileya in the Mbozi district of Tanzania. This AMCOS is the result of four local farmers groups combining forces in 2018; the producers all share a central processing unite and deliver their coffee in cherry form.

Fully Washed coffees from Tanzania are put through a fermentation process, while Washed coffees are typically mechanically demucilaged. Fully Washed lots are typically depulped the same day they’re harvested, then fermented in cement tanks for anywhere from 24–72 hours. They are then washed clean of mucilage and sorted through water channels before being spread on raised beds to dry, or dried in mechanical driers. Sometimes they are given a 8–12-hour post-washing soak before they are dried.

Our coffee is treated with care

Meticulous Quality

We hope to provide our customers with the best and therefore pay close attention to all factors affecting the quality of our coffee. These include cultivar, growing altitude, climate, soil chemistry, harvesting and processing conditions, drying method, storage conditions, transportation, roasting conditions, grind size, brewing water and brewing recipes.

Highly Curated

Each one of our coffees is carefully selected by our roasting team. Before we buy in bulk, we go through many samples from different specialty coffee estates. Often times we are working with the most renowned coffee producers in the world.

Small Batch Roasting

All our coffee is roasted in our Roastery in Westbahnstraße 13, in Vienna. We roast small batches (10kg max) because we have better control over all the parameters that impact the flavour profile and can therefore better guarantee consistency.

Ethically Sourced

We ensure traceability for all our coffees. Our house Espresso from Nicaragua is directly traded without any middle-men and when we go through a wholesaler, complete transparency is a must. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know where their coffee comes from down to the name of each farmer.

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