We strive to create a unique coffee experience by offering distinct flavours and aromas and by providing transparency from bean to cup.

Meticulous Quality

We hope to provide our customers with the best and therefore pay close attention to all factors affecting the quality of our coffee. These include cultivar, growing altitude, climate, soil chemistry, harvesting and processing conditions, drying method, storage conditions, transportation, roasting conditions, grind size, brewing water and brewing recipes.

Highly Curated

Each one of our coffees is carefully selected by our roasting team. Before we buy in bulk, we go through many samples from different specialty coffee estates. Often times we are working with the most renowned coffee producers in the world.

Small Batch Roasting

All our coffee is roasted in our Roastery in Westbahnstraße 13, in Vienna. We roast small batches (10kg max) because we have better control over all the parameters that impact the flavour profile and can therefore better guarantee consistency.

Ethically Sourced

We ensure traceability for all our coffees. Our house Espresso from Nicaragua is directly traded without any middle-men and when we go through a wholesaler, complete transparency is a must. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know where their coffee comes from down to the name of each farmer.

Why are we called Jonas Reindl? Across the street from our first Café stands the transport hub Schottentor, built by Mayor Franz Jonas in 1961. Since this station resembles the shape of a cooking pan, a Reindl in Viennese, the residents of Vienna ironically named the area Jonas Reindl – meaning Jonas’ Pan.

Great coffee takes many forms. There is no single recipe we’re after – we want every coffee to be delicious, and at times provocative and unexpected.

We believe in craftsmanship over ease and quality over convenience. Therefore, we develop individual roast profiles and brew your bean juice with down-to-the-second precision.

We prioritise transparency from farm to cup and choose sustainable agriculture. We honour and fairly compensate the fine work of our farmers and hope to change the way the world enjoys coffee.